Welcome to the High School Media Collective Discord page


I mean, there are always rules, right?


  • This is a community for high school students and high school media teachers. While we would love to invite everyone, we feel the only way to make this a safe, open and helpful group for students is to keep it open to only them;
  • We will require every community member to provide the name of your school and a faculty member we can contact to verify you are a student. Sorry for the extra step here, but safety first;
  • Be helpful and supportive;
  • Share film tips and creative ideas;
  • Be open minded;
  • Be nice to one another. And be helpful. It really is not hard to do. This means do not post defamatory, abusive, profane, threatening, offensive or illegal materials. Post like your mom is looking over your shoulder;
  • No selling or advertisements;
  • This is a real name group. By that we mean use your first name as a handle and do not use something like a gamer tag or famous person. Names like “Chris Pratt” or “FortNight Queen” we will definitely be noticed and you will be asked to change. Unless you are named Chris Pratt or FortNight Queen, and if so we apologize in advance;
  • DO NOT ever give out publicly any of your contact information. Maintain your privacy and Internet security.

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