Hello teachers. Welcome to your portal.

As educators ourselves, we understand that there is so much more that you have to worry about beyond just teaching. This is where we think having a closed forum just for teachers where everyone can network and help each other is incredibly important.

And private. No non teachers allowed. You all have enough going on that you shouldn’t have to worry about some weirdos pretending to be teachers coming on to chat you up! So please forgive us having to verify who you. Please click this link to get signed in. (LINK)

The portal will include a private forum, how to advice, loaner gear availability for your school and information about which experts, vendors and media professionals are available to help.

Also, If you feel that you have a specific need for a focus on one particular aspect of filmmaking (ie: disabled student filmmakers, sports broadcasting, rural filmmaking) please contact one of the moderators and we can absolutely help.